17 Apr 2018

Protea manufactured a specialized skidding system designed for transportation of 20’ containers on the Jack-up type offshore platform.

The system consists of 11 storage slots, 11 container frames, rails, longitudinal skidding tractor and skidding frame with transversal skidding tractor.

Storage slots keep the containers in selected storage positions and individual container frames move containers from the skidding frame to storage slots.

Skidding frame is designed to transfer containers with frames along storage slots with the use of longitudinal skidding tractor, which moves the skidding frame along the rails pushing or pulling it in both directions.

A secondary transversal tractor is located on top of the skidding frame and is responsible for loading and unloading containers with frames from the slots to the skidding frame. It can also push or pull frames in both directions.

On client’s request an automated sliding system was used, with manual slide direction change. There is a possibility to modify it to automatic. An interesting design feature is also skidding frame positioning against storage slot, which is always automatically aligned with the skidding frame axis.

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