Protea developed dedicated service crane series for offshore wind turbines combining high efficiency with innovative solutions.

A mix of unique features makes Protea’s cranes a perfect choice for modern offshore wind farms allowing minimum service and ease of operation. Electric drives allow easy and safe maintenance and compact design of high grade steel components reduces weight to optimize fabrication process and installation requirements.

Protea delivers two versions of service cranes, fixed boom (SCF) or cylinder luffed (SCL), depending on specific client’s requirements. Both options provide the highest quality solutions to minimize maintenance operations.

Comprehensive and professional service

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Our enginnering department delivers designs tailored to client's specific requirements.

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In our modern fabrication facility we manufacture and thoroughly test all the equipment.

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Warranty service

We guarantee service and spare parts for the whole warranty period.

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Post warranty service

After warranty period we provide spare parts and service for the life cycle of our products.