Protea is a leading supplier of offshore handling systems and has been supplying BOP Cranes and X-mass Tree Cranes for offshore drilling rigs since the company was established in 2001.

The cranes can be supplied in a range of sizes and capacities to meet specific client requirements.

The following design types are available:

  • Overhead Gantry or Semi Gantry
  • Overhead Bridge
  • Underslung Dual Separate Girder

Each can be delivered with a range of lifting and control options including:

  • Hydraulic or electric winches
  • Stationary or mobile trolley
  • Chain hoists or a wire rope lifting system
  • Hook blocks or telescopic arm
  • 2 or 4 girders

Comprehensive and professional service

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Our enginnering department delivers designs tailored to client's specific requirements.

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In our modern fabrication facility we manufacture and thoroughly test all the equipment.

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Warranty service

We guarantee service and spare parts for the whole warranty period.

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Post warranty service

After warranty period we provide spare parts and service for the life cycle of our products.