Offered support:

  • Rope Replacing
  • Junction Box Upgrade
  • Electric Installation Upgrade
  • Luffing Mechanism Modernization
  • Control System Modernization
  • Power Supply Modernization
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Installation Upgrade
  • Flushing & Pressure Testing
  • Hydraulic Hoses Assembly
  • Rails Leveling / Modernization
  • Technical Inspections
  • Mechanical, Hydraulic & Electrical Assembly
  • Montaże konstrukcji,
  • Applying Tightening Torque to Nuts / Screws
  • Renovation of Crane Travel Mechanism:
    - Assembly/Disassembly of wheels
    - Assembly/Disassembly of reducers & motors
    - Travel Mechanizm Regeneration
    - Repairing Hydraulic Cylinders
    - Testing & Commissioning

Scope of services includes systems and elements designing and servicing:

  • Open & Closed Loops
  • LS Systems
  • Constant Pressure Systems
  • AHC Systems (Linear & Rotational)
  • Fixed & Variable Displacement Pumps
  • Drivers Systems
  • Valve Blocks
  • Hydraulic Oil Tanks
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Various Piping Connections

Comprehensive and professional service

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Our enginnering department delivers designs tailored to client's specific requirements.

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In our modern fabrication facility we manufacture and thoroughly test all the equipment.

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Warranty service

We guarantee service and spare parts for the whole warranty period.

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Post warranty service

After warranty period we provide spare parts and service for the life cycle of our products.